The learning playground for mushrooms!

Have fun and learn while you gather, identify, prepare and label mushrooms on your smart phone. Then use your knowledge to go out to the forest with your family and start discovering real mushrooms.


  • Impressive graphics

    Custom illustrated and painted nature elements, forest animals, mushrooms and more bring the warmth of the good old story book on your smartphone.

  • Made for learning

    Based on the learning-by-doing and constructivist pedagogical theory, this game is designed to strengthen the curious nature investigator in you and take you out in the real forest!

  • Mushrooms variety

    Wide variety of typical local mushrooms with realistic illustrations. Learn about each one in the Mushroompedia and stay safe from the poisonous ones.

  • 4 different games

    The game features 4 different games which teach you about the process of gathering, identifying, preparing and labeling mushrooms.

  • Realistic natural setting

    Realistic illustrations of local forest environments which change trough the seasons.

  • Outdoor fun

    Visit a real forest and geo-tag all your secret mushroom fields with GPS coordinates.

    Return later and navigate your way with our smart navigation (AR) mushroom finder.

Mushy Rooms Gameplay

  • Why Facts

    Get to know mushrooms

    Your child can learn to stay safe from poisonous mushrooms trough play, get to know local nature and how it changes during seasons or use our digital Mushroompedia to get access to in-depth knowledge about mushrooms.

  • Why Facts

    Reinforce bond with nature

    Mushy Rooms is an educational game for kids that aims to reinforce the further understanding of nature by motivating real life mushroom picking using geo-tagging and smart navigation tools, to mark mushroom spots and help not to get lost.

  • Why Facts

    Outdoor activities with the whole family.

    Using the GPS and smart navigation, you can save mushroom locations and navigate back later. Spend hours of fun with Mushy Rooms outdoors. The game aims to motivate children and parents to go and discover the forest and mushrooms together.

  • Why Facts

    Learn by doing

    Aristotle once said, "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them". We aim to motivate children to make meaning from direct experience. No tutor necessary, the child can play and learn for hours on its own.

  • Why Facts

    Ethical behavior

    No in-app purchases whatsoever. No in-game ads or promotions. We don’t believe in using games as advertising platforms for children. We want children to be in an advertising-free learning playground.

  • Why Facts


    Mushy Rooms educational material on mushrooms is based on academic resources and verified by a professional (Phd) mycologist.

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Credits to:

  • Design and management

  • Jana Pejoska
  • Promotion

  • Andrija Gramatikovski
  • Technical lead

  • Aleksandar Beldedovski
  • Unity 3D gurus

  • Kristijan Trajkovski
  • Nenad Stojanovikj
  • Illustrations

  • Stiliana Mitzeva
  • Music

  • Matti Strahlendorff
  • Sound FX

  • Joonas Turner
  • Localization (Language students from the university of Helsinki)

  • Timo Aaltonen
  • Juho Heikkinen
  • Tiia Heikkuri
  • Heli Huurtomaa
  • Hanna Jokela
  • Saana Kaurala
  • Laura Kiviniemi
  • Joonas Lehtovaara
  • Kirsi Maavuori
  • Saara Mälkiä
  • Marika Mielonen
  • Tuuli Nuotio
  • Sanna Pentti
  • Annina Pikkumäki
  • Piia Rahkonen
  • Johannes Rastas
  • Evelina Schmuckli
  • Leena Sihvonen
  • Outi Tiainen
  • Heikki Tuurihalme
  • Special thanks to

  • Olli Pelkonen – for his hard work in developing prototypes
  • Vendula Johanova – for her short but effective assistant production work
  • Tuomo Karvonen – for leading the localisation team with enthusiasm
  • Mikko Anttilainen / UXmate – for his assistance in the UX development

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Now it’s a great opportunity to get experience in communications in a small, friendly and serious gaming company!


Mushy Rooms has been released!

Mushy Rooms has been released in Windows Store and is now avaible as free download!

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